Expertise and experience to optimise service delivery and business operations

As a leading administrator of government services worldwide, our customers rely on our expertise and experience to optimise service delivery and business operations. We modernise and replace outdated information systems, ensure compliance with state and federal requirements, explore new options for leveraging federal, state, and local funding, and test and implement new programs and policy ideas.

Program Modernisation

We conduct a review of organisation, business, or agency policy and procedures, processes, training, quality assurance, and funding strategies; identify areas of need or opportunities for improvement; recommend strategies for improvement; assist with implementation of recommendations; and evaluate the success of implemented practices. We provide pre- and post-audit assistance, mock audit reviews, training development and implementation, and policy review and development to help agencies successfully navigate reviews and other audits.

Financial Consulting

We’ve helped thousands of agencies and organisations achieve higher returns on investment for the programs they manage. Count on our team of experienced consultants to deliver the critical insights and current information necessary to help document and quantify the full cost of providing services.

Systems Planning and Oversight

Our project planning, oversight, and risk management services are designed to ensure that project activities are managed, controlled, coordinated, supervised, and focused on the goals and objectives of the project. It is critical to the success of any project that status, risks, issues, and concerns be continually addressed. Our staff apply structured, standards-based approaches to the analysis, review, demonstration, and testing of critical system development processes and products.